Extrasolar planet essays

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Extrasolar Planets

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How to become an astrobiologist

Free Essay: Extrasolar planet Extrasolar planets refers to planets other than the planets in the solar system. Since the s, the first confirmed extra. An extrasolar planet is a planet around other stars, and these planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

One can see these planets through powerful telescopes. A technique used to search for a planet is by watching for small gravitational tugs that it exerts on its star, which can measure a star's velocity/5(3). Astronomers can identify extrasolar planets using “direct” and “indirect” methods.

Indirect methods include the use of the radial velocity method and the transit method which all rely on the detection of a planet’s effect on its parent star. Direct methods on the other hand involve finding images or the spectra of a planet and are [ ].

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Extrasolar planet essays
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