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Leavitt, 20 She typed she has never been chosen with Typhoid fever so how can she precious spread the disease if she never was raised from it. This unfortunate contains an endotoxin remote of Gram negative organisms, as well as the Vi tale which is thought to increase virulence.

Mary Mallon said she had worked in many homes where no one got sick from Typhoid fever. (Leavitt, 86) Health officials continued to study Mary Mallon’s stool to keep examining for typhoid bacteria.

O’Neil was trying to prove that it was wrong to isolate Mary Mallon from the world when there were many other healthy carriers walking freely. Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Mary My overall reaction to this story is that it is saddening and presents a very complicated health issue.

In this story, Mary’s treatment shows the kind of situation that occurs when there are no laws or regulations restrictions on public health. Typhoid Mary My overall reaction to this story is that it is saddening and presents a very complicated health issue.

In this story, Mary’s treatment shows the kind of situation that occurs when there are no laws or regulations restrictions on public health.

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