Deforestation afforestation essay

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Deforestation Essay

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Deforestation Essay 1 ( words) Deforestation is the removal of forests on a big level by cutting down plants or burning of forests for fulfilling the personal needs. Forests are of great importance for the whole human fraternity as well as managing the natural balance in the environment.

Short Paragraph on Afforestation Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On April 2, By Sanjay Tripathi Afforestation means massive program of social forestry to meet demands to local people for fuel, fodder, timber etc.

Deforestation refers to the cutting, clearing, and removal of rainforest or related ecosystems into less bio-diverse ecosystems such as pasture, cropland, or plantations. Examples of deforestation include conversion of forestland to farms, ranches, or urban use.

Thus, deforestation is. Afforestation is the establishment of a forest or stand of trees (forestation) in an area where there was no previous tree cover. It is just opposite to 'deforestation' which means cutting of forests or trees.

Keywords: effects of deforestation, causes of deforestation, solution to deforestation The word deforestation is used to describe the process of cutting down and burning the trees in forest and woodland and converting the land to other use.

Information about deforestation and afforestation. Article explains the causes and effects caused by both deforestation and information on afforestation.

Deforestation afforestation essay
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Short Essay on Deforestation ( Words)